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Our mission is to help you take back control of your data

Stop data brokers and websites from selling your information as if it was their own. Stop them in their tracks.

We directly deal with over 800 data brokers, social networks, search engines and dating sites on your behalf. We can include you in all communications, or not – your choice!

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We help protect you from:

Fraudsters who want to steal your identity or use your information for cold calls.

Stop your most intimate information such as where you live, your phone number and even your demographics from being available online.

Stop Websites and governments using your online activity to influence your behaviour and views via subtle advertising

How we do it

We offer a low cost and 1 click solution, removal tool to contact everyone who has your data.

We use the GDPR, CCPA, and other applicable privacy laws to make data brokers remove your personal information from their databases.

We work with consumer privacy advocacy groups to spread awareness and promote better data privacy laws.

What to expect from our data removal process


Day 1

You register and subscribe for membership! You can then select all 800 organisations or just a few, and we then contact them.


Within 1 week

The first data brokers start responding to our requests!


Within 1 month

Most data removal requests are processed and we follow up on those that aren’t.


Every 6 Weeks

We send you updates about our progress. You can choose any new organisations you want us to contact, or simply chase older ones to ensure they remove any NEW data they may have gathered.



You can log in every few weeks and we will regularly repeat the process to make sure the brokers do not add your data again.

Saving you ±700 hours of work

According to our research, it would take you around 700 hours to look up data brokers that might have your personal information, contact each broker, and complete their opt-out processes. Plus additional hours to re-do the opt-out process regularly if you want to make sure your data stays off their databases.

We automate the entire process to save you precious time.

Empowering our users with knowledge

Helping you remove your personal information from data brokers isn’t enough. An important part of our mission is to empower you to protect yourself online in an age when data is worth more than oil.

We do this by writing educational blog posts, sending out bi-monthly informational newsletters and privacy guides, and reporting on important data privacy news on social media.

Let us help you take your data off the market

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  • What is this?

    We are a monthly subscription service that helps you maintain control of your data and delete it when you want. We provide you with a single click action to delete your data on over 800 online organistions or select just a few. Our team of experts will handle all communications and include you in everything (if you want).

  • Is this legit?

    Yes, we are a legal entity that follows the guidelines of data privacy laws such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the UK GDPR.

  • How does it work?

    We have contacts in over 800 data brokers, search engines, social networks and dating sites. We use these contacts to too send removal requests to these companies. We also follow up on ignored requests and regularly re-do the process to make sure the customer’s data stays off the market.