What are data brokers?

Data brokers collect and sell your personal information. They often use aggressive and sometimes illegal routes to obtain your information. They try to analyse your information and quite often make incorrect assumptions.

Advertising data brokers

Advertising brokers focus on secretly collecting your website visits and online purchases. They use this information to sell 'profiles' of your interests and personal habits, to spam more 'personal' adverts & cold calls to you.

Employment data brokers

Sell out of date or inaccurate personal information to background check services, HR departments and insurance brokers.

Risk Analysis brokers

Trade in background information such as criminal history, property ownership and financial records. Used to provide insurance quotes and security clearances for jobs.

Personal Background brokers

Captures any and all information they can get on you, including contact information & financial details. Quite often, inaccurate and out of date.

Financial data brokers

Trades personal finance information such as income and assets, for insurance and credit card companies. Quite often used to create credit scores, which can have major consequences if incorrect.

Personal Health data brokers

Collecting and analysing data about your general health, brokers sell this information to healthcare providers and insurance companies. Quite often inaccurate and results in higher premiums.

How do they get your data?

Purchasing Data

Data Brokers crawl and purchase your data from social networks and online shops. They also plant cookies and trackers on your browser to collection information on your internet activity. They try to analyse this data to improve quality but quite often this can be incorrect.

Trading your data

By trading your data with other brokers, they can attain huge volumes of personal information on you. Often they specialise in niche areas, allowing each broker to share their collections.

Selling your data

Your private information is sold to authorised but also immoral organisations who may use aggressive and illegal tactics to target you, possibly even defraud you.

How does this effect you?

By trading, purchasing and crawling your data, brokers create profiles of your personal information which are used to give insights into your private life. These insights are used by banks, insurance providers and even sometimes criminals. This information is quite often inaccurate and gathered without you even knowing.

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What can organisations do with this information?

Your personal data in the wrong hands can cause huge life altering issues.

Incorrectly use your financial history to assess your risk level and deny you bank loans or credit cards.

Investigation Services may use this information for criminal investigations

Increase your health insurance rates by using this information.

Direct targeted advertising and subtle influences to manipulate you into making purchases you wouldn't otherwise consider.

Government adverts targeting your personal demographics.

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What if your personal information has been sold?

Data brokers use aggressive tactics to gather and sell your information. They don't care if its out of date or inaccurate. The more active you are online, the more data that has likely been captured. Your health insurance premiums, credit rating, personal and family security can all be effected by these actions.

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